Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Riddles of Gestumblindi: Riddle 7

First, here's the answer to Riddle 6:

"Þat er köngurváfur."

"That is a spider."*

Riddle 7

Þá mælti Gestumblindi:

"Hvat er þat undra,
er ek úti sá
fyr Dellings durum;
höfði sínu vísar
á helvega,
en fótum til sólar snýr?
Heiðrekr konungr,
hyggðu at gátu."

Then said Gestumblindi:

"What is that wonder
Which I saw outside
Before Delling's doors?
Its head points
The way to hell,
While its feet towards the sun are turned.
Heiðrekr king,
Think on this riddle."

*I particularly like how Heiðrekr does not compliment Gestumblindi for this particular riddle, as he does for all of the others. Maybe Heiðrekr didn't like spiders very much?

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