Monday, March 26, 2018

The Riddles of Gestumblindi: Riddle 2

First, the answer to the first riddle:

Konungr segir: "Góð er gáta þín, Gestumblindi, getit er þessar. Færi honum mungát. Þat lemr margra vit, ok margir eru þá margmálgari, er mungát ferr á, en sumum vefst tungan, svá at ekki verðr at orði."

The King said: "Your riddle is good, Gestumblindi, and I have guessed it. Bring ale* to him--'tis ale that lames the wits of many, and many become more talkative when ale gets the upper hand, but for some the tongue gets entangled, so that they cannot speak."

And now for the second riddle:

Þá mælti Gestumblindi:

(2) "Heiman ek fór,
heiman ek för gerða,
sá ek á veg vega;
var þeim vegr undir
ok vegr yfir
ok vegr á alla vega.
Heiðrekr konungr
hyggðu at gátu."

Then said Gestumblindi:

"From home I journeyed,
From home I made a journey,
Looked I on a way of ways;
Was there a way under
And a way over
And ways on all sides.
Heiðrekr king
Ponder this riddle."

As before, I'll post the answer in a few days. Until then, you like Heiðrekr can ponder this riddle.

*The word translated as ale here is mungat, which might also refer to small beer.

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